Saturday, January 17, 2009

enough IS enough

i have always been getting e-mails about this
that i delete even before i open it.
i have been getting IMs and SMSes about this
but i ignored it even before i read it.
i have been seeing this on TV
but i changed the channel even before i could realize it.


i finally understood the severity of it
i finally know the story of it
i finally know how unhumane it is.

today, i went for the first time ever as a newbie to the C.O.M.P.L.E.T.E meeting. i didn't volunteer myself, but Rozel did for me. i thank her.

i thought this is just another thing for me to pass time. but not anymore. this is not just another thing, this is a cause for me. i will try to do anything in the name of humanity.

will you come? please do....

because i am also an environmentalist, i try to minimize the use of paper. so, please read this brochure below. spread the word. help them.



1 comment:

ZuLis said...

it's good u chose to bcome of of those 'in the know' n joined d palestinian cause. it's never too late to lend a hand...