Wednesday, January 14, 2009

to kill time

i think i am a very early morning person. i just love waking up (if i ever did go to sleep the night before) to the quiet of the morning, with only the distant sounds of roosters or the sound of call of prayers coming from the nearby mosque.

but not today. today i woke up cold, with a strained back, and a numb a$$. why? because i have been sitting in the train for about 11 hours, SP - KL bound. yes, i went back to sp for a day to do some stuffs. thank God the matters that needed my attention are over and done with. from KL sentral, i took the bus back, since it passes my housing area, and also mainly because yah does not want to pick me up. so, nevermind, i can deal with it.

i love the morning scene. i reached KL at about 0530hours, and i was amazed that even as early as that, people are already making their ways to work. i guess this is what we call perseverance. they will do anything to make sure that they arrive on time, never to be tagged as prudent. i respect these people because they know that time is gold.

so, as these people arrived at their respective workplaces, i arrived at my home.

bummer, what am i to do now? hmmm... oh yeah, i need a rest. my body's aching, for crying out loud.

ok, i am done with my rest. now, my work starts. actually, i was looking for work to do at home.

first: the laundry hamper.

will you take a look at that!!! there are like only the TWO of us at home right now but look at the amount of clothes!! oh wait, these were the clothes that they wore before they flew. amira has done the washing (read: putting them in the washer). so i guess, i might as well do the folding, just to be fair.

as soon as i am done, guess whose clothes were piling sky high? not mine, mind. yah's la. she changes clothes like a girl!! (according to katy perry, very often).

next, vacuuming. this is my routine chore everytime i come home from sp. i MUST vacuum. i don't know why. it is sort of like a habit. or maybe because i love to hear the sound of things being sucked in and moving along the metal tube of the vacuum. yes, i am weird. shoot me.

2 things i can't stand are: a wet washroom, and a dirty washroom. i was looking for the floor scrub, but i couldn't find it. so, what the eff, i start scrubbing the floor with a hand scrub instead. surprisingly, i think it is more efficient to do so as i could reach those nook and crannies that might be hard to get to if i were to use the floor scrub.

and as soon as i am done with the washroom, i made sure that it was dry. so being as anal as i am, i took a cloth, and started drying the washroom. yes, i was that bored. but at least it is clean and smells great, eh?

now that the chores are done, what am i to do to keep me bz tomorrow? run, perhaps....

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