Saturday, November 1, 2008

when in Kuching.....

....self-snap a picture of you and your family by the beach at sunset when the red flag is up, indicating that the beach is a very dangerous place to be at that time of the day. till you drop, for things that you never know when you will actually use. you are basically just shopping on impulse. really, we came with just ONE luggage, which is the far left one, and look how we made our way back home with a gazillion luggages!!

....take a scenic picture even with the use of a camera phone, and then send it in for photo competition.

.....get tattoed?? :D hehehehe (how i wish la kan... tapi mana boleh).


djambu puadovich said...

tu pakai pen marker ke ape tu? :P

redSeptember said...

cuba tgk kat shoutmix