Monday, November 3, 2008

Terry Fox KL 2008

it was on total impulse, no plans, no frills, nothing. just a little discussion late that night, and voila! all of were there, to enjoy the morning run/walk, while promoting charity for cancer under the TERRY FOX name. i still am so glad that the girls were game to join the run that morning. it was really fun to get together after such a long hiatus of not seeing each other, especially eliea, who is a total bomb by the way, who recently just got back from the US of A with a masters in environmental engineering in her hands. you go girl!

and there was also my partner in psychotic laughter and conjouring up evil plans, kak nur. it has been say..... about 8 blahdy years that i did not face this woman. God i missed her like mad! now that she is hitched, she kinda toned down her craziness, which left me saying: "hey, what happened to you?" but she's still totally cool seeing that they are so cute as a couple and he is taking over her part as being the funny one. God, i don't even know his name, but from now on, i am gonna call him "bouncer" (seriously, he does not suit that name actually....hehehe).

before the run (as we arrived totally very early that i had my morning jog to warm up for the run. hey, don't blame me, i am a VIRGO. that is just it you know, virgos are known to be pathologically anal about being ON TIME), we saw some ducks by the lake and i was like: "hey ma, how come you are here?" heheheh. nah, this is just a little thing in the family that she is known as 'ducklin'. i wanted to get a closer shot with the ducks but there was one goose there that gave me goosebumps as it was eyeing me like mad. i don't wanna be chased by a blahdy goose that early in the day!

so, here goes, meet the GENERAL (that is the name that i have given it), my newly bought (just the day before the run) running shoes. kinda comfy, so far so good. but this is not that other thing that is still supposed to make its debut in my blog, mind :)

the sea of people that was just starting to ebb into the assembly area. at that time, my girls has already arrived. we were nit picking on the sustainance that were sponsored by some companies. there was also a stall that was selling piping hot pancakes. gawsh!! it smell was just too tempting that i wanted to get some for myself. but before the run? no way!

post run: yah and i took the ADVANCED route (naturally, we had to challenge ourselves, eh?). yes, it was CHALLENGING as the first part of the advanced route was an inclination of about 75 degree (not that i actually measured it. but my guesstimation is usually spot on). i ran about a third way up the inclination but because i haven't been to the gym for slightly over a week, i can't take it. therefore, walking up was more of a choice. and then running till the end.

i was circling the petronas table like a hawk, snatching the mineral bottles everytime i finished one. really, i didn't drink before i ran because it'll just do me hell. so, rehydration was key to keep me on my 2 feet after the run. as much as i badly needed to drink, i drank like a beached whale in dire need of fluid.

and then there was the milo booth, which EVERYONE wanted to go to. seeing that the Q was almost as long as the advanced route (about 7km), i didn't wanna join the crowd. i mean, i don't drink milo from the booth anyways, it is just laden with too much sugar and cream. but my girls managed to get in the line and surprisingly, when i caught up with them, they were almost nearing the dispenser area. talk about fast service!

with the heat still generating from my active metabolic state and the sun scorching its way thru the grey clouds that morning, i put oil to flame and heat up the situation with a session of gossiping and chit chatting and eyeing (you know what i mean) with the girls. oh, and of course not to forget, camwhorrig. wanna see more pix? go to the link "FaceMe".

as of last year, we get to rub shoulders with the celebs that attended the run. last year was with the 3R girls. this year.....

....our very own TARA participant, IDA NERINA. she is totally tight-lipped about who won. so, keep tuning to the progress of the race!!

next year's run, i'll be designing the shirts since this year's shirt was such blah! come join!


Earnpin said...

Looking forward for the new design o :)

Anonymous said...

asal tak ajak aku...?

redSeptember said...

but i don't know if they'd take my design earnpin :(

ko nak bangun ke awal2 macam tu? btw, we didn't know that you were into running. you usually cycle only kan. check on us often, we usually have things going on.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I wake up early


people skate, cycle, walk in the TFR ok...

Eliea said...

alia, i had fun that day too!! Glad that u inform us that nite.. We shud do this more often okies! :-) Luv u lots.

p/s: cepat2 balik for our "date" ya!