Sunday, November 9, 2008

law of attraction

at first when jo-ee talked to me about the "law of attraction", i heard myself saying it in my head: "macam pernah dengar je dialogue ni. mama told me before, and i have heard it on the radio also by dato' dr. fadilah kamsah"

i was skeptical at first. i know it is all in the head.

true enough, it is all in the head. when you want something, you ought to think alot about it and make sure that you attrct what you want to yourself. like mama always telling me that i should attract happyness in my life by thinking positive and not talking bad about people. it is not that aku mengutuk orang belakang2 kan. but sometimes, i also have to have a go-to person, i have to let off my steam, i have to tell people what i tak puas hati kan. but most of the time, if i don't like something, i keep them to myself, and in the end, i feel miserable because i am keeping the negative energy and thoughts inside of me.

looking out to the Sarawak River, trying to attract the serenity of the place.....

and then, when jo-ee told me that look at those situations that when we want something, we pursue it, and it came to us. there are alot of situations that are like that actually, it is just that we weren't aware that they were happening. like take for example: getting 3rd place?? dude!! i didn't even think i could make it to the first 10, let alone first 3!! Alhamdulillah....

many times i heard dato' fadilah talking about attracting others' feelings towards yourself. he said that if we have hate in our minds, don't be surprised if that person will hate you back. but if you have love in your mind, then, that person will love you back. maybe not in the same way as you feel,but at least that person does not hate you eh?

so, there you go, from now on, i want to try this "law of attraction" thinga-ma-jigg. i will keep on thinking about the things that i want. and you know what i really want right now????

i want you guys to VOTE for me!!!


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