Thursday, November 6, 2008

i am sick

uggghhh.... i feel terrible today. despite my best effort to be myself, i feel like a load of crap, oh wait, how DOES crap feel actually? warm and mushy.... no!!! i don't feel warm and mushy, i feel my worst, that is what i feel. it all started this morning when i was in the hospital. yes, normally, i am active and i talk alot and i crack jokes and i am always here and there. but today, and 2 days before, i wasn't at all like my normal self. even saras complained: "where is alia? i don't like you like this. who are you?" speaking straight to my face.

so, we all know that i just got back from my one week HOLIDAY (this is like a GIFT). and i thought it was the holiday mood that is still stuck in me. or maybe it is because that i haven't been working out for more than a week, that i feel totally weak. but cannot be, because i was running my heart out last sunday. then, it dawned on me, literally. why wasn't i feeling peachy? it is actually an aura, perhaps. an aura to warn me about today: my head spun like mad and i was crapping almost the whole day, plus i was coughing, and i literally fell off my table when the doctor was explaining things.

after hospital, i went back home and had mama's magic pill, PANADOL. i intended to take a nap to relieve the headache. i set the alarm so that i don't miss class. usually, the sound of a pin drop could wake me up. but the alarm was just beside me and i didn't hear it. when i woke up, i was already late and therefore i missed class. i wanted to go to the clinic and take some meds as well as an MC but i couldn't even bring myself out of my room, let alone walk into campus to go to the clinic. i slept back.

by the evening, i finally woke up and i was welcomed with a throbbing headache. i hate feeling sick. i braced myself. walked out of my room, pretended like nothing happened and went about doing my chores. talked to jo-ee. did my laundry. got ready for gym. no, this sick feeling is not going to ruin my day. but before i left, i was crapping again like a leaking tap...yuck! took some antacids because i know that the acid in my stomach is gonna kill me, and off i went.

now i feel slightly better. i am not the type of person that falls sick easily nor do i succumb to the feeling of pain. but if i do get sick, it'll be the worst that anyone could contract, and if i do complain i am feeling pain, the pain is way beyond the threshold that a normal adult could handle.

so, i hope starting tomorrow i'd be ok. i can't afford to feel terrible like this. i have a run on saturday (which i am doubting myself cause i haven't been training. but i'll just give it a try) and my exams are near. feeling sick just makes me wanna be on the bed, which is totally not me.

like what saras said: "you are too passive these days, what happened la?"

hmmm.... lemme think.... I ALSO DON'T KNOW!!! help!!!

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