Saturday, November 22, 2008

pat yourselves on the back

i know this is a little delayed. but better something than nothing, eh?

i want to extend my congratulatory wishes to:

~>pott (big bro) and sha (wifey) for being preggers!! can't wait and i am sooooooooooo happy for you guys!

~>yah (??elder sister :P ) for loosing tonnes of weight!! you look fabs!

~>jo-ee for completing the half marathon during the recent penang bridge run! you did it babe! i'll join you next year!

~> amini (i know she's not gonna read this, but what the heck) for getting engaged! sorry i didn't attend. couldn't attend, more like

~> eliea for getting a new job!! i hope you are enjoying yourself here, back in Malaysia. ronggeng time here we come!!

~>jenna for finding casper in the "social gathering". you are so lucky!

~>ben (pagi crew DJ) for getting married to the love of his life, stella. eh, how come i didn't get the invi huh??

1 comment:

eliea said...

wahhh ada ucapan congrats! thanks babe! hehe busy ler with work, ketinggalan sket baca ur blog :-) but as u said..better late than never :-) miss u lots! balik la utk berrongeng2 :-)