Sunday, November 30, 2008

REd's <3

i don't know if you guys remembered, but i think about 2 months back, i wanted to introduce this special addition in my life. it has been a long time since one accompanied me through my creative/emo moments. after the hiatus, my creative juices are raging to flow out of my mind and into my tunes.

i used to write my own songs and perform at dinners and competitions. the last competition that we won as a band was back when i was in KTJ. i wrote the song that we sang. and then when i was in russia, i performed for the first malaysian students' night. ok, i am not THAT good, but as people would put it, can do la.

if i am sad, it will make me more serene. if i am lonely, it will accompany me. if i need to take that tension off my studies, it will help me.

i am confident to say, that it is my <3....

everyone, meet scarlett.

my own birthday gift to myself......

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Lang Legar said...

owh ini la scarlette..hi scarlette..