Sunday, November 23, 2008


it's been awhile since we both last when to CS together. and since jo-ee will be having her dentistry night pretty soon, i have been appointed to be her fashion consultant. haiyaaa! why ka she choose me? even i, myself oftenly look like as if i dressed in the dark before i come out to face the world. but nevertheless, i tried my best in helping her choose the almost perfect (nothing is perfect, eh?) combo of things to wear to stand out during her D & D nite soon.

as usual, when we go out to get something, and we have ample time on our hands, what do we do? go look look see see la, what else right? and we chanced upon this shop that we MUST go to everytime we go to CS. but among those countless times that we were in this shop, we only made 2 purchases: jo-ee bought a keychain, and i bought some greeting cards. that's all...

but this time round, looks like the shop has more things to offer. and i couldn't help myself goofing around with the post-halloween stuffs that were still there. so, apa lagi, fauxtographing la. tu pun curi2 take some shots. then, the girl was like: "sorry arr miss, no camera please"

i REALLY, REALLY, want to get these specs!!. rasanya, if i were to bring it to the optician, will they put in the perscribed lenses for me? i want multicoated, antifog, unbreakable ones. can?

look at jo-ee la. serious rupa cikgu besar / guru discipline sekolah menengah. i tell you if looks could kill, i wouldn't want her to stare at me like dat. ngeri!

then, ada pulak frames yang macam nerdo ni. i tell you, if you have problems in always misplacing your glasses (once, my oaks were perched silently on my head and i was frantically looking for it and i asked my sis: "mana cermin mata kaklin arr?" she gave me that 'wth??' look and said: "atas kepala kaklin tu apa?" haiiyaaa....), this pair is just what you need. you will NEVER EVER misplace them! and plus.... people will never look at you the same way again :P

ma, always said that i got muncung panjang. especially when i am too concentrated in doing something. hey, it is not like i want to pout, it is just that it goes automatically. like even now, while i am typing this entry, i can see that my pout is growing. so i found this half mask with the longest pout that it could be mistaken as a snout heheheh..... combo with those uber thick glasses, don't you think i look hot? :P

lucky for us, these were taken right before the shop assistant noticed us fauxop-ing..... sneaky!

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