Monday, November 17, 2008

drink your histology

typical histology slide: as you can see here, the cells are all of equal size and stained brightly with H & E staining method. there is no overcrowding of cells or cellular dysplasia that is evident. the magnification of this slide is 40x. this is how a typical healthy tissue should look like.

erkk..... why are we sipping them?!?!? because actually, this is air sirap with biji selasih. and mine is sugar-free of course!! the drink is served with crushed ice as opposed to ice cubes. a total must have to quench your thirst on a hot scorching day! and yeah, see steven, he's a meanie... heheheh

for those who have a weak stomach, don't even try this cause you may only imagine that you are drinking frog's eggs....



Lang Legar said...

ceh ingatkan pe tadi,rupenye air sirap with biji selasih haha..

usws said...

You killed my appetite!!