Thursday, November 6, 2008


i love this song. i saw it while i was in sarawak, thanks to mama that made us wach CNN, just because she is a CNN addict :P

so, congratultions to Prez B.Obama. hope he keeps to his words and not let his followers from his own country as well as all over the world, down.

as the song said: "be the change that you want to see"

"don't just expect change, do change" ~REd (yes you can quote me on that)


Tati Yacob said...

Hello Alia Love,

It is definitely refreshing to see an African American become President of the United States. Then again, most of the Americans see him as an American, rather than just a half Kenyan and half White American man.

He is very much different compared to other candidates as well as the past presidents, but in my opinion, whoever becomes the President of the United States, will just be another puppet for the pro-Israel group of Lobbyists (aka AIPAC) in the White House at Washington DC to control.

I doubt the Lobbyists would ever allow anyone who is against the state of Israel to become President. Israel- a country consists of extremist political leaders who are willing to sacrifice the innocent Muslim Palestinians, Christian and even their own Jewish people.

It is not about religion, it is about basic human rights. And Israeli government as well as AIPAC refuse to recognize the fundamental rights of the Palestinian Jews, Christians and Muslims alike.

I would really love to believe that Obama is just as how most people describe him to be and his book is very impressive indeed- but it all seems too Hollywood to me.

Like what Shakespeare wrote in 'As You Like It'

'All the world's a stage
And all the men and women merely players;...'

There is no point of Obama talking about ending the war in Iraq now. The damaged has been done.

Innocent children, old men, mothers and etc were killed mercilessly. Over the next years women in Iraq and Afghanistan will give birth to deformed babies due to the spread of depleted uranium- thanks to massive amount of cluster bombs used by the American soldiers.

Siapa yang rugi? Orang Amerika diperalatakan untuk kemenangan orang Zionists.

Don't forget, what you see on CNN Asia is wayyyyyyyyy different from CNN USA. 90% media is controlled by the Zionists and Masons.

That's why Muslims and other people are constantly made fun of.

The American people are among the nicest people on earth. They treat you like family. Well most of them do. Unfortunately, many are brain-washed and ill informed about the reality of the world.

As long as the White House supports world domination and terrorism, the American people as well as other innocent people around people will never find peace at heart.

May the Lord guide us.


CAHAYA said...

change is not always a bad thing. but, it can be either way too. to change, is a challenge. to accept the changes is another thing.

p/s: change if u think it's needed. and don't change because of others.