Friday, November 28, 2008

the RED kancil

every morning, i go to the hosp by taking the public transport, namely mara bus that passes infront of my housing area. to go to the stop, i will have to make a three-minutes walk and i will be waiting by the road side. as i have to take the earliest bus possible, i usually leave the house at about 0655 hours, because the bus passes there at very inconsistent timing, sometimes late, sometimes early. to be safe, i go out even before i could miss it.

i have been taking the bus constantly for about 3-4 months now. during the school days, there will be other school going children waiting with me. sometimes, i will be alone, especially now that it is the school hols, and sometimes there will be other people there.

well, it is rather normal albeit irritatingly boring that i get cat-calls from the motorists that pass by. as usual, i will ignore them and keep on listening to my radio. so far, nothing bad has happened. but for the past 2 days, there is this certain RED kancil that slows down infront of me while i was waiting for the bus and kept on looking at me. the first day, i totally ignored him. then, he made a stop just a few metres after the spot where i was standing. i think he is expecting me to go over and take his ride. after a few excruciating minutes, he went off , seeing that his move was unaccounted for.

yesterday, as i was waiting there with one other person, the same RED kancil passed by, and this time, he stopped right infront of me!!! i was so shocked and scared, but i kept a straight face. his window was down and he dilligently offered me his ride. i just looked at him, shook my head, and said "no". then he went off. palpitations were already dominating my precordium.

thank God i have no hospital today. but of course i will have to repeat my wait on sunday. i hope after 2 days (today and tomorrow) not seeing me there, he will not pass that place anymore.

i can quite remember his face, but i didn't check out his plate number.

i am worried.


Tati Yacob said...


You SHOULD be worried. Please let your seniors, or lecturers know about this. This harrasment la...

What if something happens nanti? Of course, we should always positive/optimistic... but there is no harm at being super safe.

Better be safe than sorry.

Love you! =D

If nothing else works, get a baseball bat. Haha!

djambu puadovich said...

amik no plat kereta tu. pastu tinggalkan detail2 kereta/pemandu tu kat mane2. tinggalkan contact numbr family kat umah, supaya case shit happens.

let's hope it wont la.

dun forget to scream! :D

Redmummy said...

do something bout it

spread to your closed family members, frens paling senang pi report polis.

dah banyak sangat incident yang cenggini, so better dont be sorry before it s late.

redSeptember said...

the thing is, living here, orang macam tak kisah sangat to take percaution. they wait for things to happen first before any action is taken.

they prefer treatment more than prophylaxis.

last time, my friend kena stalk, she reported and the police suka hati moyang dia aja cakap: "nak report apa? takde apa yang berlaku kan?"

at least i have told you guys and i have told my housemate here. if anything occurs (which i hope not), you guys will know who to look for.