Monday, November 24, 2008

i am who i am

i know that i am so poyo for writing this entry, but i just felt compelled (gawsh!!! such strong word!) to share this with you.

yes, i am weird, in some way or another. hate me, love me, like me, be with me, whatever, you know. this is me and just accept me, as is.

the 7 weird things about REd:
  1. unlike most other girls, i don't leave my toilet seat down, i leave it up. why? simply because i like my seat to be dry. if you leave it down, it takes longer to dry, and yuck!
  2. i read my magazines, newspapers, brochures, from the back page to the front. don't ask me why, i have no idea.
  3. i talk to myself when i am very very angry or stressed out.
  4. i hate combing my hair. but i love it when someone else does it for me.
  5. i love to enter contests (borderline addict). any contests, and just wait for my winning strike.
  6. i don't quite like eating with a fork
  7. i see better in the dark and my senses are much more distinct.
how weird is that?

1 comment:

djambu puadovich said...

see better in d dark?

u r a better pesilat than i am...:)