Saturday, November 8, 2008

aimst unity run 2008

as i said, i woke up this morning, and everything just straight went into the drain for me. i was anxious, due to the fact that we had a competitive run today. i was trying to get ready, but my things fell all over the place. i was already up to my neck with nerves. crap!! it wasn't like this last week when we were running for terry fox. wanna know why? cause terry fox was fun, unlike this run, it ain't competitive. it was all leisure up to the end.

the turn out this year wasn't that much as compared to last year. many of the last year's runners didn't run with us. and as for the category that i was in, the distance was cut shorter (from 10km to 7km). many new faces were seen running in my category. but the season marathon runners were in the same category too as they were here last year as well. all in all, there were 18 people running in my category alone.

we went there at the designated time of 0630 hours. i didn't drink anything because i can't drink before i run, i'll just perform badly. i had some plain cornflakes as my energy source. runners and organizers were already at the assembly point eventhough the sun wasn't out yet. as compared to last year, we had a warming up session with puan saodah. i want to laugh, but i know people'll say that i am mean, but what the hell right?? hehehe i laughed. really, you shud see the warming up steps, siap ada lagu dangdut lagi!! and best of all, if you were to see puan saodah, you won't want to be taking her aerobic classes because she does not live up to the name (she is horizontally challenged).

the race started at 0736 hours for my category. it was better than last year as then, it started somewhere nearing 0900 hours!! i paced myself running unlike others who sped up as soon as they hear the gunshot (terkejut kott?). so, i ran and ran.... and guess who accompanied me? well, was my running companion all throughout except for the last leg of the run when my earphones kept on falling out and i couldn't be bothered no more. while i was running, my troubled knee started giving way, but i kept on. i shouldn't let something like that stop me eh?

till the finishing line i trotted while somewhere in the middle of the running way,i interacted with the COO and VC. they did warn me not to be faster than them. but i just couldn't help it. :D

i tot i was already very slow and maybe i'll be in the first 15 as i did last year when i got number 11....but that was not the case.....

...i got number 3, yes numero trez!! raz, dva, tri!!! in my category. how unexpected!!! i was like whoa!! you go girl. jo-ee got number 2 (last year number 8).

as usual, post run is the best time for me as i can finally have something to drink. none of those sugar laden isotonics for me.air kosong pon sodapp....! i had to change me tee cause it was already drenched in sweat. i sendiri also kenot tahan my smell ... yuck!! :P

prize giving ceremony: i was donning the BRONZE medal, was given a participation cert, a hand towel, and the blahdy aimst pen. that's all? haiyaa... i tot got cash prize (that was what jo-ee said) or hamper to say the least. but a girl could only dream eh?

no worries, at least we got to get into some kind of newspaper soon. we will definitely be on the www as the reporter had mentioned earlier. see, the lady in the middle? her name's stephanie. she was number 1 last year and she still maintain her place. imagine that, we could catch up with her. with more training and of course i have to shed those fats....i'll be joining her in a tie at the finishing line next year, perhaps?

can't believe myself, i got number 3!!!

the day wasn't that bad after all....


CAHAYA said...

you go girl! Congrats!

redSeptember said...

thanks cahaya. it is all about the law of attraction and believing in myself :P