Monday, November 17, 2008

they wish....

ok ok, i know it is too early for the holiday seasons to come and invade your minds. but the other day, while we were walking, we chanced upon this little christmas tree that has small wish cards hanging all over it. i asked the manager of the eatery, how do we go about if we were to donate. he said that all we have to do is just give the bags to them and they will send it to the kids, along with the card and a message from the sender.

the kids are mostly primary school going kids and all of them need one school bag each. there are about ten wish cards that i saw hanging.

so, here i am, asking for your kind contributions in giving these kids a school bag each for them to be all jolly during the festive season. i can't quite recall the name of the orphanage, but i can assure you that this is a genuine charity contribution.

do contact me if you feel like being an angel ;)


Eliea said...

yes i do! but how?

redSeptember said...

you can either send the money to me (how much you want la) and then i'll get the bag for you within that budget, or you can buy the bag and pass it to me.

but i don't know when i am going back to kl. the last for this is on 20th dec.

so, you can decide macam mana k.

that's really nice, if you can recruit more people, it'll be better :)

aisyAh said...

tetiba rasa nak menyumbang sbb beg ada agak bnyk kat umah ni..

kesian la pd mereka yg xbkemampuan tu~

redSeptember said...

ye aisyah, that is a good thing to do. let me knoe what u have decided eh?