Saturday, November 29, 2008

FAQs on REd

Q: is she always walking? why?
A: because i don't have a personal transport and plus i think walking is healthy and economical. i save the environment, i save my cents, i have a good health. why don't you give it a try? walking clears my mind too, as well as running and playing Squash.

Q: why do i always see you alone?
A: because unlike some others, i am not a school of Tunas or sardines. i am REd. if i have someone to be with at that time, fine with me. if i don't, that is also fine with me. i do socialize, i am not a snob. but people tend to pretend alot and it is hard to look for someone or some people who are sincere to be your friends. plus, not many share my interest in being adventurous, they like it safe. boring....

Q: what do you eat for lunch?
A: lunch is not my fav meal of the day, breakfast is. unless i am really, i mean REALLY hungry, i would just randomly pick on something, or drink something, or have my cereals. heavy lunch make me sleepy. but then again, i am always sleepy in the noon campus classes. haiisshhh....

Q: are you the only child?
A: lucky for me, i am not. i am the eldest daughter out of 3 sisters and 2 half sisters, and i have an elder brother. i am so blessed to have them in my life.

Q: why do you go back to KL so often? do you have a boyfriend there?
A: because my family is there. nothing to do with having a boyfriend because as you all should know by now, i am not seeing anyone in particular.

Q: how come you are not like the other malay girls that i know?
A: ermm.... i like to be different and plus it is rather boring to be in the "comfort" zone all the time, eh?

now, my Q to you, "anymore questions?"

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