Friday, November 21, 2008

lapt dancing

i have been wanting to write about my laptop since forever. you guys might think: "OMG!! she must be so out of topic to write about, she'll be writing about her BORING lapt". and some of you might think that i'll be writing about the gigas, the megs, the progs, the feats, the games, the technos on my lapt.

well my friends, that so ain't it.

everyone, this is DELL (nama manja takde), DELL this is everyone. see, the story of me getting this lapt was like waaayyyy back (if i were to donate this, it'll actually end up being in the archives) when i was in russia. i somewhat borrowed it from my mum because it was hers initially. i didn't have me own lapt. then, as the time passed, ma got a new lapt and DELL was handed down to me.

unlike the highteched lapts of these days, DELL does not recognize DVD formats, therefore, i can't watch anything on DVDs here. only CDs. and DELL does not have built-in bluetooth, only infrared. but the cool part is, DELL has a built-in mic that never died on me, an amazing sound system that rawks my world, clear and wide screen so that i don't have to squint my eyes, and a very sensitive touch pad that i am so used to, that if i were to use a normal mouse, i won't be able to navigate my way thru.

like many other lapts, DELL also have gone thru the phase of being infected. there was an episode where i can't even access youtube. even typing in the address makes the whole system haywire. there was also the invasion of brontox and many other hybrid viruses into DELL. i have tried many ways to cure it, many times too, i just effing gave up. i was like WTH?!?!. whatever that is left, i used. whatever i can't use, i jes don't effing touch. no matter what, i still stick to DELL (mainly because it is my only source of entertainment, listening to music and playing mahjong of course).

then, like as if DELL has a life of its own, it self-cured itself. i swear i have no idea how that happened!! suddenly, i can access youtube like usual, faster, i might add. the brontox just disappeared. DELL somewhat self-meditated in a way that i can never explain. i have to be nice to it, like it has feelings of its own. if i am rough or if i treat it badly, it does not get mad at me. what it will do is far worse, it just stops working. fullstop. wow... that drives me crazy, especially when i have assigments to send in, powerpoints to prepare. i just feel like smashing it against the wall. but i think to myself: "no, i have to play nice". so sabar aja la.....

as compared to the lapts of others which are much much more canggih than mine, i think those crash easily, unlike DELL, which still persists. yes, i love my DELL. and, i am very sarcastic here, thanks to pott and yah for convincing my ma not to buy me a new lapt as my last birthday pressie. i am a heavy lapt user, why did you guys do that? it's ok, my day will come....

but for now, i am contented. DELL keeps me sane :)

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nadia said...

i love my dell toooo~