Monday, November 3, 2008

still in Sarawak, when in KL

i was half asleep when i heard: "alia! alia!"

"yeah, what?"

"get ready, we are going to go see Anita Sarawak"

"huh? o ok...." what to wear la... haishh.... it is a BLACK TIE event. and then it all started, the choosing of dress, the make-up, the accessorizing.....finally, i wore ma's LBD and my dorothy (it's the name of this fantastic pair of RED heels that i own that everyone kept on asking where i got them from!! i'll feature her later), and the necklace that mama faridah made for me, and some minimal make up, and my hair was the rock funk style.BLACK TIE or not, i still maintain being me :)

my uber hot sister: nana. she was with her heels and kept on asking me: "macam mana kaklin boleh tahan pakai heels?!?!"

the event was a charity event for the PERSATUAN ORANG2 CACAT ANGGOTA MALAYSIA (P.O.C.A.M). some event that sells tables ranging from rm10 000 (minimum) up to rm20 000 (if i am not mistaken). we were seated at the 10k table, very near the stage, woot! woot!

as we were the firsts to be there at our table, we took our seats strategically, makin sure that we face the stage and our field of vision covers the whole hall so that we can see and gosson people, like what they were wearing. hey, don't blame us, we are women... :P

would you believe if i said i had 5 of those tasty wholemeal dinner buns?!??! yeah, i am kidding. although, they are really tasty. anyway, the whole menu was funny as it was supposed to be western, but when it came, the cold plate was mexican, the soup was chinese, the main was western, and the dessert, was...... SUCK! (i didn't even want to have it naturally).

i was totally waiting for the performance to start. i thought that we would be entertain during our dinner. so, what to do, check my watch, FIX my watch actually. the screws have come loose. well, at least there was something for me to do to fill time.

tan sri s m salim was first to perform on stage. he is really getting old as his performance was not as energetic as the time when he sang with siti nur haliza. or was it because she wasn't there that he didn't perform?? hmmm.....

gordon ramsay would certainly cuss and behead the head chef of this kitchen. persentation of food was totally out and each plate had different amount of stuffs on it. the head chef totally needs a boot from hell's kitchen.

she saved the nite!! she totally did. she being, ANITA SARAWAK. every woman under 50 wonders where she gets all that energy from, every woman over 50 wants to be her. she's 55 by the way, but she does not pose as that age. she is beautiful, witty, and energetic. talking about forever green.

she came to our table and sang to uncle raman. he was like, so stoned. hehehhe. no expression at all.... bore... bore
but aunty rozi and her daughter diana however, were quite the sport. they went on stage with anita and danced to the joget song. i never knew that they were funky people to hang with. thumbs up to them for being courageous.

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