Thursday, November 20, 2008

what if it were me?

i am more shocked today than i was yesterday as i saw what was this junior house officer donning for work. seriously, i am not judging her at all because hey, if she is good at what she is at, frankly, i don't mind how she dresses.

i mean, look at doctor house, he is so scruffy and rude, people mistaken him as a janitor sometimes. but because he is GREAT at what he does, he is respected and kept.

anywho, these photos might not be too clear for any judgement to take place. let me fill you in:
-the top that she is wearing is actually showing off her cleaves, just like yesterday. but at least, yesterday's top was much more formal-like.
-this top clearly looked like it is to be worn to the mall than to work in the hospital.
-her pants were sticking to her skin like superglue, i don't think if mr. pelik sees me wearing those kind of pants, he'll let me even pass the gates of HSAH.
-and she was wearing sandals that are actually thongs with heels.

tacky, no?

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