Friday, November 14, 2008

up to my neck in psychoses!

arrrgghhh!!! today is the day that i totally wanna get over and done with. why? cause it is the day for my continuous assesment on clinical skills lab studies and FORENSIC MEDICINE. really, FM really can psycho you out, especially when you get to see the gross sites of the crime scene. ugghh....

so, ok, just to educate all of us, i want to share some interesting infos with you guys. something to do with forensic psychiatry.

here are some terms:
confabulation - purely imaginary events or fabrications that fill the gap during pathological loss of memory

delirium - acute confusional state

delusion - a false firm belief in something that is not a fact

hypochondrial delusion - person feels that something is wrong in his/her body, though she/he is healthy

delusion of poverty - declares that one is poor when one is rich

nihillistic delusion - one declares that one does not exist and the world has no existence at all

delusion of prosecution (paranoid delusion) - one thinks that one's closest relatives is trying to kill him/her.

delusion of reference - one believes that people, things, or events happening around him/her are referred to him or her in a special indirect way

delusion of influence - one feels that one is controlled by outside power, agency, radio, hypnotized telepathy.

disorientation - impairment of the understanding of temporal, spatial, or personal relationship

erotomania - delusion in which the person believes that someone is deeply in love with him/her.developes an obsession for that particular person and starts believing that the other person is reciprocating

fugue - state of disturbed consciousness with which the person performs some acts and has no recollection of the events

hallucination - false perception without sensory stimulus.

illusion - false interpretation of an external object or stimulus which has a real existence on its own (eg: a stick for a snake)

mutilomania - an irresistible desire to mutilate animals

dipsomania - an irresistible desire to consume alcoholic drinks at periodic intervals.

~~hope these are educational and helpful for you guys!!


djambu puadovich said...

Red blaja benda ni dlm FM ek? djambu dulu dlm dah konfius dah skrg ni. hahaha...thanx for d quick study notes! :)

redSeptember said...

yep, under forensic psychiatry.

but i guess nnt kami akan take it masa psychiatry posting juga kott next sem. so, djambu leh ajar REd pula eh?


djambu puadovich said...

well, i'm not in a position yg boleh ajar. lets call it discussion then. seronok je nk discuss benda2 yg imaginary ni...:P

i suppose i remember my entry abt makcik yg kawin dgn yuri gagarin? :D