Friday, May 29, 2009

to see (the doctor), or not to see. that is the question.

today, i can't take it anymore. i made it a point to go to the doctor. so, to the doctor i went. the clinic is in the campus that is run by doctors from the medical faculty. you know sometimes they do have to practice what they preach. like, they are the ones who taught us how to examine patients if they come in with this or that symptoms. but when i went there today, none of what they have told us to do, were done. and i mean NONE.

i came in with the chief complaint of feeling of nausea, and on and off fever for 1/52 (read: 1 week). vomitted for 3 times already (just now, i vomitted again actually, despite taking antiemetics from the doc this morning. so that makes it 4 times). and 2 episodes of hematochezia yesterday evening (that really got me worried [i didn't see this coming] but i waited because i wanted to see if there was a third episode. but i haven't been to the toilet today. and i wasn't constipated at all for the past week). the only thing that the doc did was the standard stuffs: took my temp, look at my throat and tounge, and put the steth on my chest [at one spot only!!].

she did asked a few Qs tho, like if i had any focus of infection, if i had cough and/or flu. none of the above. the weird part was that she didn't even lay me on the bed to examine my abdomen. not at all!! and no question if i had any pain in my abdomen.

and afterwards, she prescribed the usuals: PCM (paracetamol), Ranitidine (to reduce the acidity in my stomach), Doxycycline (antibiotics), Maxolone (to reduce the nausea. this was upon my request but she said that she thinks it was unnecessary), and ONE measly packet of ORS (oral rehydrating salt).

so, yeah, basically the doc just diagnosed me as myalgia (muscle pain. which i do not actually have and it wasn't in my complains) and to rule out viral infection (but she gave me an antibiotic??). but as i said, looks like there is no difference between me seeing the doc or not, because i am still nauseated and the fever is still on.

what am i to do now?

nota kuku kaki kiri: ini adalah entry yang ke 555. macam pernah tngk lak number bersiri ni, tapi di mana ye? hmmmm.... [konpem aku ni bukan kaki hutang orang le....]

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