Sunday, May 3, 2009

letter to a burning house

during the evaluation that i do with my psychiatric patients, i have 2 standard situations that i used to evaluate their intelligence based on their judgement. certain answers to these to situations will show what kind of psychiatric condition that the patient is currently suffering from.

of course i won't tell you the answers now. but i am going to give you the situations, and you can try an answer accordingly. so here goes....

situation 1:
"you are walking along an empty road, no passing vehicles, nobody is around. as you are walking, you noticed that there is a burning house right infront. and you hear a baby crying from inside the house. what would you do?"

situation 2:
"you are walking past a postbox. below the box, you see a letter with an address. it has been sealed and stamped. what would you do with the letter?"

good luck!


Lang Legar said...

situation 1:
it is in my natural instinct to try and save the baby,but first I must make sure that there is a baby inside the house..

situation 2:
put it back where it suppose the postbox of course..

so, my evaluation doc?

redSeptember said...

i'll mail you k :)

Anonymous said...

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