Friday, May 22, 2009

and it keeps on coming

*hip hop mario ringtone*

[university admin]

omg.... again? 2 calls in 2 consequetive days? gawsh!! what have i done wrong?? as i said, like it or not, i have to pick it up.

Student's Affairs Division (SAD): "hello Alia are you in class?"

REd: "no"

SAD: "ok, this is the SAD. please come and see me. don't worry, nothing urgent or bad. just come along and see me ok, Ms. Green"

REd: "yeah, ok"

actually, at that time, i was getting ready to go for ENGLISH FOR SPECIFIC PURPOSES class. yes, don't ask. i MUST take this class in order to graduate. funny thing is, i have passed the 3rd and final level of this paper. but because i didn't do the 1st and 2nd level, i have to sit for it no matter what. why? because "your friends has done it". ok.... whatever....

so, with 30mins to spare, i made my way to the campus. many things were running through my head. what would SAD want from me? or what did i do wrong? or i can't apply for that? ok ok... nevermind. be positive. use The Secret......

SAD: "Alia have a seat"

REd: "ok"

SAD: "the story is like this....."

....and on and on she went. i didn't say anything. just sit there, listening to her explainations.

guess what?

she is suggesting me and 3 others to represent this university for a national students' convention sometime in june '09. i was like.... whoa!! me? represent the uni? way too cool.

SAD: "i chose you because you can speak and you carry yourself well. we were thinking of who to send and you stood out from memory."

REd: "wow... ok.... this is way too cool. thanks for suggesting me"

my name will go up to the higher authority and he will approve if i will be one of the 4 chosen ones to represent this uni.

am i happy? try ELATED.....


kings said...

waaa....congrats!aku pun tumpang gumbira

Anonymous said...

Alhamdulillah, tahnia sayang. Just be good, calm, abd aware of your surroundings always. Oh yeah, watch your tongue too (kata Luqman). Love

redSeptember said...

kings: tumpang gembira yee... makacih.. weii... korang gi ronggeng tak tunggu aku haa?!?! oooo... time aku balik, ko tak nak mai, time aku takde, ko beronggeng sakan aaa... ni yang aku nak hangin satu badan neh!!

ano (mama, i think): yes ma. thanks. i will take care, you know you raised me up well.

eliea said...

proud of u too!! congrats! and yeah..we rongeng tgk syurga!