Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Banquet @ VIVOcity

imagine this: our morning sahur was in Damansara, Malaysia. and then our iftar is in VIVOcity, Singapore. how cool is that!! i heart the foodcourt simply because they separate the non-halal stalls from the halal ones. and obviously it is clean and well maintained. the choice of food is abundant and the crowd was not the "starving" kind although they too have been fasting for the whole day.

plain naan from the north indian stall.

raw white onions and chilli and mint sauce as a condiment, from the north indian stall.

authentically vegetarian yello dhal. me no likey. but mama says it is nice. not oily at all!

chicken curry that is very2 light as the base was not the usual coconut milk. instead, they used fresh tomatoes as base. very nice indeed.

fried oyster like the ones you can get from gourney drive uo in penang.

fried mixed noodles. i bet it is delish as the plate was clean soon after it was served.

we also had yong tau foo, fresh popiah (super super delish!!), and smoked chicken wings. and i had sugar-free, 94.9% fat-free cappucino gelato!!

really, when can we move here already??

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