Saturday, September 27, 2008

i want to go home!!! T_T

the campus is almost empty today. it is soooo quiet and thank God the gym was also not that full of people who like to waste their time there by doing nothing. this means that i have the nordic all to myself. weeee!!!

but before i got on it, i was thinking: if i were to accumulate the miles that i do on this thing for the past year, i could have easily walked my way back home!! this is how bad it is, i REALLY want to go back for raya because everyone else has gone home, even the non-muslims, and i am still stuck here because of hospital duty. gawsh!!! why la i am so damn commited?? the guilt just kills me if i don't attend to my duties.....

and as i was walking to the gym, Arancione went dead on me:

i don't think i can use it anymore. but i guess if i use duct tape, ok kott?

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