Tuesday, September 30, 2008

day 1: the beginning of the journey

while most of everyone are busy for tomorrow's celebration of eid fitr, we, the FOUR mischievous ones, are busy too. busy packing and making our way to singapore. to celebrate raya and also have a long awaited holiday there.

instead of taking the normal coach, or the train, or the flight to singapore, we decided to try something new. we took the aeroline coach that departs from one utama's new wing and go straight to singapore. the coach was superb!! didn't feel like we were travelling by coach at all!!

this is the hidden lobby of aeroline. it is very small but accomodating.

while waiting for the departure time, nana and i was doing the usual stuffs that we do: CAMWHORRING. even the female washroom could be a place to do so!! :P

the lounge area inside the coach. we conquered the whole area and had a good sleep there! we didn't even sit in our seats that are located in the 2nd deck of the coach. it is very comfortable to be in the lounge area.

refreshments and lunch (chicken rice) were served but we did not take the lunch as we were all fasting on the last day of ramadhan.

instead of bunking in the usual hotel, we checked in a beautiful B n B penthouse in spottiswoode. i will put up the details about this place later. highly recommended!! super heart this place and it is so easy to travel out from here.

the lounge area of the B n B. simple yet very accomodating.

the dining area. this B n B allows you to cook, do your own laundry, mingle with others. it feels like you are staying at home rather than being on a holiday. you can check in and check out to your desired time as opposed to the preset time in hotels.

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