Saturday, September 13, 2008

my VERY FIRST fix!

they say i am a very clumsy person and i ALWAYS spoil things or break them. yes, that WAS true. but not anymore. still, the lable that i am a BUTTER-FINGERed person sticks with me, even until today.

well, feast your eyes people.... today, i prove you wrong.

living the student's life can be very demanding, especially in the area where money is concerned. everything has to be under budget, therefore this demands me to be a little more handy than i usually am. i have never done any woodwork or fix something out of a box on my own. i am not too good at diagram reading (but i a really good at map reading as well as remembering the shortest ways to a place) but this time round, i MUST read the diagram, to be in budget.

so, instead of getting the table from the furniture shop that cost rm10 more, i got this table in a box and with a very optimistic mind, i go ahead and tried my talent (which i don't quite have) at fixing things together.

i almost got cross-eyed trying to read the diagram. there were too many complicated numbers and labels, at one point, i nearly gave up.

but then, if i did, who is gonna fix this?

so, i went on. put myself to this mental test, and of course patience was at the highest threshold ever.

since we don't own a hammer, which i tot was not needed as when i bought this table, the man said that all i needed was a Phillips screwdriver, i used my body weight to push some of the sections together.

after about 40mins, this was the result:

my VERY FIRST table that i fixed on my own. i know it is not much, but it'll suffice for me to study and do some blogging (that is if i have the net connection in the house when i move in. lets pray i do yeah heheheh).

next thing to get to make this complete: a chair.

btw, this is how our jap-style living looks like now. we got the jap-style curtains that as you can see does not reach the floor. but that is how it is supposed to be, really!! go check the jap resto or homes.

and i also modified 2 shelves to become a custom-made storage and hanging compartment for myself (sorry, pic ain't here).

so, i am not that BUTTER-FINGERed after all, eh? not bad for a first try don't you think?


Farah said...

im very proud of you my friend

redSeptember said...

thanks farah. need any fixing at home? :D

afizah said...

i like ur blog very much!!

redSeptember said...

thanks for the compliment

singgah lah selalu (",)