Saturday, September 20, 2008

SHABU (not the illegal one)

disclaimer: this is a LEGAL entry

I have never been IN plaza damas. so, yesterday on my birthday, i finally stepped into that place that is much talked about.

i didn't particularly know exactly where we were having my birthday dinner / iftar. at first, i tot we were going to RAKUZEN jap resto, that is also situated there and it is much reviewed by the floggers around malaysia. i saw RAKUZEN, we passed it, but we didn't stop. and then i wondered....."where would we be going?"

walked into the mall and my mind was racing like mad. partly due to the anticipation of that special dinner place, mainly wondering what i would get for my birthday hehehe..... as we were walking, i was just feasting my eyes with those little booths that were selling stuffs that you could find at any weekend bazaars. not many different things, but the difference in price was very very very evident!

and finally we stopped, at NAGOMI Shabu Shabu . Sushi Bar.

we got ourselves the one and ONLY private section that was available there. the setting was ok ok la. but i'd prefer it if they had the sitting type of area.

as it wasn't time for iftar yet, we took our seats and had a looksee of the menu. we ordered our drinks first and then only our dishes. you'll have to let the waitress know that you want your coke in the can (if you were ordering soda) upon serving. if not, they'd serve you the ones that are already opened and full of ice. so imagine, the ice melting while you are waiting for iftar. tak sedap already. i would highly recommend you order the mango juice which my sisters and brother had. it was very thick and looked more like a smoothie than juice. so i guess they actually used REAL mango flesh!

shabu shabu is a japanese type of hot pot that is related to the sukiyaki style. therefor the base of everything is the soup. there are 3 choices of soup: chicken, nagomi special, and spicy. naturally, i went for the spicy. but i think the best was the nagomi special.

they also serve dipping sauces for the meal. but be extra careful and read the ingreds of the sauces because some of them have the japanese sake in it.

the hot pot is for each individual. so, if you wanna save, share one hot pot for 2 persons if you were taking the same soup and don't mind sharing. because at RM8 a pop, clearly fluid has become really expensive!!

deep fried sake (salmon) skin. according to the ones who had this, it tastes really like keropok ikan and super umaii!!

for each meat set, you'll get a vegetable set. so, no need to order extra vegies unless you really want to. i don't really fancy meat and there weren't any seafood set. so, i ordered an extra vegetarian set, just because i LOVE greens!!

a super long row of salmon sushi. this looks too beautiful and tempting to touch in the first place. so before anyone could put their chopsticks on this piece of art, pott and i started snapping madly at it.

REd having a bite at those lovely salmon sushi. i almost had a kuroyan(for those who watch yakitate japan, you know who i am talking about) reaction when the flavours just burst in my mouth.

hand-rolled sushi: came in elegantly, devoured as swiftly as it arrived.... evidence of deliciousness.

chicken set: the strips of chicken meat were rather fatty but the chicken balls that were made from lean chicken meat were ok, and tasty.

my favourite and a MUST have everytime we go for jap cuisine: EDAMAME.

salmon sashimi that were carefully placed on a heap of shaved ice. was that an attempt to make the dish looked plenty or a sincere gesture to keep the shashimi fresh? i go for the former.

.....browsing thru....
not much choices actually....

.....and, while we were having our dinner, a ROACH was happily crawling on our table!! imagine that!! spoil betul la.... and when asked wassap with that, the answer was "owh, we just had pest control last week" ("-_-)

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