Saturday, September 20, 2008

SMS me

some of my birthday SMSes:

nurul ain said: akum alia, happy birthday...moga panjang umur,murah rezeki,cpt2 jadi doktor n cpt2 kawin :-) take care....

fahmi: happy birthday

khairun: happy ehem .... ehem.... '19th' birthday! hehehe....smoga panjang umur n murah rezeki n cepat2 ar dapat jodoh.amin :-)

aunty nyow: happy birthday alia ain... love a.nyow, uncle raja (also sharing bday with you) & cik malissa. bila balik kampung?

saras: hey gal, u were born this day some years ago is it?then hepi beday la ye. ENJOY gal...

jashitra: no one is born happy... but all of us are born with the ability 2 create hapinez.. so 2day, make others happy...flash ur sweetest smile. hapy bday my fren!

narisha: hey hey happy 19th birthday! may all your wishes come true. :) panjang umur and murah rezeki! love!

bamin: happy birthday. aku tersalah comment kat blog ko.terguna ID narisha. tolong delete. thanks :)

vinura: happy birthday dear.God bless. have fun ok :)

aquisha: kak malin! happy bday! may god bless u n smoge panjang umur :-*

0127*64*13 (sape ni?): happy b'day! enjoy there!

shadi: happy birthday to you. wish you have a great year. God bless.

rozel: happy birthday babes. hope its not too late, am in mekah now and its still sept 19th here. hope you had a great one.

...and... birthday calls from FLY FM, JO-ee and RITCHIE (the talking stuffed dog that creeps me out T_T), and aunty bah.

thanks guys!!! you all made my day!

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