Friday, September 12, 2008

in 15 minutes flat

i wasn't sleeping well last nite as i was frequently awake for no reason. every hour, i seem to wake up and walk around and then force myself back to sleep. as a result, i slept in this morning.

i had a call sometime before 8am this morn and i was like too lazy to wake up as my class will only start at 9am. so, i decided to sleep for another 30mins and then get up and get ready to go to class.

back to sleep.....zzzzzzzzzz......

and then i woke up at again.... at 0850hours!!! waaaahhhh!!!! i am LATE!!!!

i was thinking "aiyahh.... no need go class la, so late already". but then i couldn't afford to miss class now that i am here cause i might be missing some class during syawal and i don't want to waste my attendance just like that.

so, what am i to do now that i am extremely late?

what the hell... just go la. i got up from bed, went to the loo, brushed my teeth,washed my face, and thanked God that i had a late night shower before bed, so i skipped showering. put on some proper clothes, chucked everything unnecessary into my backpack....and off i went.

in record time: from bed to boardroom in 15 minutes.

try and beat that :P


hafiz238 said...

that is so fast. I would not be able to beat that :)

redSeptember said...

talk about super speed eh? sampai2 je, the doctor was already behind me. masuk sama2 hehehe