Monday, September 8, 2008

rain, rain, go away......

it was raining almost THE WHOLE DAY (really!! i am not exagerating!!) last saturday. i have not seen the sun for about 3 days now and it is not even supposed to be the rainy season now, up north. i have been here for almost 2 years now and i have never experienced this kind of weather.

if i am not mistaken, the rainy season was supposed to be somewhere betwee june to august. but this tim round, it was super duper hot then, and it is raining every single day now.

not surprising, thanks to GLOBAL WARMING contributors, eh?

usually, my room, since it is the last room, meaning that there are no other buildings beside my building, will be as hot as an oven during the midnoon right up to the evening. we even attempted to cook an egg just by placing the egg out on our windowsil!! (it didn't workout though, cause we put the egg out too late in the evning already). nowadays, i don't even want the fan to be on. i walk around the house with my SOCKS ON, and my toes and fingers are always cold!

on sunday, when i was riding in the bus, on the way to the hospital, i passed an area that i thought was flood-free, as it was a flat area, with no nearby river. but i was shocked to see that the houses we flooded and one particular house, i could only see its roof when i passed it. i was thinking of the family members of that house and how unfortunate for this to happen to them especially now, nearing the festive season. even the school which was located at least 3km away from the flood area, was flooded and they had to close for the day. so, students that were on their way to school had to take the return bus back. poor thing!

see, the weather is getting super weird and erratic nowadays. people talk about it. people "worry" about it, people COMPLAIN about it. but do most people actually do anything to stop it from getting worse?

i don't think so.

is it THAT hard??

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