Monday, September 1, 2008

still must wait arr?

ok, so i have a knee problem that should be solved (treated la actually) immediately because the pain is sometimes just unbearable. to date, i have been to 4 hospitals to check my knee, namely:
  1. HOSPITAL SULTAN ABDUL HALIM: the doc (head of ortho dept) said that my there is nothing wrong with my knee. he did an x-ray and he said that my bones are perfectly fine and alligned (of course la weii.... nothing is wrong with my bones, it is my soft tissues le. how la you can't tell???). he told me to come again 4 months later if the pain got worse (so must wait for it to become worse only la, then you want to treat me properly??). the pain definitely got worse, but i don't want to go back to him. the process and the wait just to see him is unbearable. i'd rather live with the pain.
  2. DAMANSARA SPECIALIST CENTRE: we were told that the doc starts working at 0930hours, first come, first serve, fine. we went there and we were 2nd in line. we waited for the doc and he only appeared at 0940hours. i mean, come on la, i understand you are a specialist and all. but what happened to your time management? gone down the drain is it? and the way he was doing his job, as if he was reluctant. but he did say that my meniscus might be torn, and i was to go for surgery to put some stiches in to stabilize the knee. he suggested MRI that costs rm900!!! to confirm his diagnosis. nevermind la, you can keep your MRI.
  3. UNIVERSITY MALAYA MEDICAL CENTRE: went for 2nd opinion. but the wait was like longer than being in labour!!! (not that i had experienced labour on my own, but i had waited with my other patients, yeah).didn't even get to see the ortho. since they now have a private wing, we decided to go there to skip the waiting part.
  4. UNIVERSITY MALAYA SPECIALIST CENTRE:this was what happened.....

sign says that the place starts at 0830hours since we were there on a saturday. we came in at about 0920hours. got myself registered, and i was given a number.

this is the registration and waiting area. after i got my number, i asked the receptionist is the doc in yet, the answer was no. he said he will be in in about 30mins. WTF?

look at the time that i got the number: 0926hours. so, because of the gap in waiting, we decided to get nana some breakfast. she eats super slow......

almost 3 mins to 1000hours, we were at the waiting area again, the doc is STILL NOT IN!!!

even the calling screen is still static since the time we registered.

i managed to read a whole chapter while waiting. or, was it 2 chapters?!?!?!?

finally, at about 1040hours, i got to see the doc. the good part was, he APOLOGIZED for his tardiness because he had something to do. at least he knows his mistake. and he was such a darling that he explained to me everything there is to know about my knee and he performed several tests as well.

but all in all, what is the difference going to private or gov hospital? the waiting is still there and the attitude does not change that much.

owh... i know the difference: you'll have to fork out more.

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