Thursday, September 18, 2008

fo' real?

18-09-08: i was doing my follow-up rounds this morning when my fon rang, and the call was from amrita, the producer of the pagi show. i took the call as i wasn't that busy at that moment. she told me to try a pick-up line on phabes. so, i went ahead and did the best i could with some suggestions from her and of course some flirty moves on my side, not knowing what i was in for. i thought it was just pure fun and and to kick up the show. after the call was done, i continued with my follow-up and "layaning" the kids in the paeds ward.

about 10mins later, i joined the docs for ward rounds. as i was standing there trying to listen to the very soft spoken doc speaking to her colleagues, the fon vibrated violently in my labcoat pocket, another call from FLY FM. i took the call and......

phabes on the other end: CONGRATULATIONS alia, guess what?!?!?!

REd: what?

phabes: you WON!!!! you had the best pickup line!!

REd: are you serious?? really?!?!

phabes: yeah!! you just won yourself a date with me to the movies. and.... why are you whispering? are you at work, in campus, or something?

REd: yeah, i am doing my ward rounds now actually. but seriously, is this for real? (i didn't even know i was in a contest!!).

phabes: yeah, i am looking forward for the date! heheheh we'll get in touch!

REd (flabbergasted): OMG!!! this is for real! thanks!!

so, there goes, i won a contest that i didn't even know i am a contestant in.... hehehe

PURE LUCK ain't it.

thanks amrita!! you rawk!!


Peeps said...

wah u is lucky!! congrats!

Peeps said...


ni lebih kurang cam bday present u ah..hahaha..

Hepis Besdayyyyyyyyyyyy

afizah said...

wooohooo~~ congrats then!

Zazalicious said...

I is sungguh jeles....!!!!wei can take lotsa pixies for me tak..Kalu malau, just mentioned that the pixies are for your oh-so jakun fwen..he he he..
Anyway babes..congrates and as thi is your bet bday gift ever, i takyah kasik u gift leh tak??**yes, am a cheap-skate fwen**

redSeptember said...

peeps: ie ieeee....dia ingat b'day kita. trimas naaa.... pressie mana tu? ala... crocs sepasang pun dah memadai.... :P

afizah: thanks girl!!

zaa: eh bebeh, u is kenot jeles one!! you got hubby wubby oledi. kekkekee... eh, kenot lidat, kalau dah wish kena ada pressie iye dak? kekeke

to all: iye, saya bersyukur saya mmg lucky. Alhamdulillah....

[purple_clouds] said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Alamak salah ID la.

The comment above is supposed to be from me

Anonymous said...

Here's the original.

Woit where's my comment?

I said, aren't you not supposed to use handphone in hospital.

Anyways congrats.

Duit menang KCK tu aku tak rasa lagi. So bila?

Oh and happy birthday.

redSeptember said...

what comment? takde menda pon sini, aku tak delete apa pun. ko sendiri yang delete.

you are not supposed to use the fon in ICU/NICU/A&E/RADIOLOGY DEPT. tempat len leh sebenarnya, saje je nak memoyo kan pihak spital.

hadiah KCK aku punya self b'day pressie la kott. tapi tgk la keadaan masa syawal nnt, insya'Allah (tambah2 lagi dapat duit raya dari kau kan?)