Thursday, September 4, 2008

unlucky you.

we were walking around yesterday evening when we stumbled upon a small coin purse. we saw it infront of the cosway shop in taman sejati. jo-ee picked it up and we decided to open it to find any I/C so that we can return it to the rightful owner. there was almost around rm300 in that purse, loads of mullah, but no I/C. so what are we supposed to do?

we went into cosway and handed the purse over to the shop people, told them to keep it just incase the owner comes by and asked. but the shop people didn't want to keep it at first as it was alot of money and they are not too sure of what to do. but we insisted that they keep it. what if no one comes around, they ask. i told them to take the money since it could be their rezeki. but they didn't want either.

so, we came up with a conclusion. they will keep the purse for about 1 week. then if no one claims it, we will take the money and donate it.

being honest is key.

what would you do?

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