Tuesday, September 2, 2008

first ramadhan,2008

alhamdulillah, i lived to go through another ramadhan in my life. i anticipated this ramadhan so much, it made me wonder why. now that it has finally come, i am more than glad to welcome the holy month with an open mind and heart.

the first day was spent mainly shopping for some stuffs to bring to my new home here in sp and our new home there in Wien. there were too many people in ikano, i was practically drowning in the crowd. they were shopping like as if there is no tomorrow. actually, there was not gonna be a tomorrow because the 1st of sept was the last day of the megasale that was going on in malaysia since last july.

the time was passing too soon to be true. it was almost time for breakfast and for me to head back to SP, which was scheduled at 2045hours. i already timed everything, breakfast at about 1920hours, then mama sends me to the LRT KJ at 2000hours and i would have ample time for the train trip back.

i just realized, my time management can sometimes go down the drain. crap.

at 2004hours, we were still in the parking lot at home. i was already starting to panic, slowly but surely. i kept my face straight and maintain macho so that mama won't give me the lecture on being late.

2015hours, i was still in the car. i nearly told mama to send me straight to sentral but i know i am gonna get a whole lot of lecture for that. i won't risk being lectured, i'd rather miss the train. hehehe... imagine that!! :P but then again, if i were to miss the train (thank God i didn't), it will be whole lot of other lectures that i have to listen to plus, a silent treatment to boot!

as soon as i reached the LRT station, with the extra weight of 15kg that i was carrying, i ran up the stairs although earlier in the evening, my busted knee was hurting like mad. alah, let it be busted, so long i catch the next LRT to sentral. i did (not busted my knee la) catch the next LRT.

with so much panic inside me, i kept on looking at my watch. it was barely 5 mins left to spare when i reached sentral. i kept on running and i even bumped into my classmate who was going the other way. as soon as i reached the platform, asked the conductor where i should be heading and made a dash to my cabin. got to my berth and tried to settle down when merely a minute later, the train started to move.

i know, i am crazy right? but at least i managed to curb my panicking all to myself. heehhehe

kira macho la tu kan.

moral: lebih baik bersusah sikit and panic secara senyap dari kena leter, ye tak ?? hehehehe X)~

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