Thursday, September 11, 2008


disclaimer: forgive me i am lagging behind in the political world. as we all know, i am not politically inclined. but somehow, these days, i keep track on things that are going on.

so, here goes, my first try in expressing my thots about politics, in malaysia, that is.

i am sure you all know that RAJA PETRA's blog has been blocked for i am pretty sure the reason is that he is opening the minds of the rakyat about what has been going on, in, under(table), around the funny world of malaysian politics. i am not an ardent reader of him but my father is. once awhile, he'll send me a link to RP's blog and tells me to read and blog about the situation. hehehe, i never did, blog about it, that is. but just out of curiosity, i sometimes read the entries that were linked.

once, i read about the petrol price and it really opened up my mind as to how we are actually being cheated under broad daylight regarding the price hike. by right, there SHOULD NOT ever be a petrol price hike. but what to do lah. these people want money. by hook or by crook, they will try to extract us dry.

anyway, this morning, while i was on my way to hosp, i was listening to the news and oh yeah, have you heard?? now, all the blogs that has been BLOCKED will be UNBLOCKED!! wahh??? why la? you want to win the hearts of the rakyat is it? you want to pujuk the rakyat by giving back the truth is it?

see, the problem is, when you are ruling, you made sooooo damn much mistake that you think it is right. now that you know you are on fragile grounds, you want to sogok people lidis. what is this??? takut la tu.....

and oh yeah, the guy (minister ke apa) that made the RACIST statement and didn't want to apologize, somekind of action is being taken against him now. and yet, there are no indication that he is ready to apologize (prolly he'll never lah!!!). kata malaysia is for MALAYSIANS, and as i know lah, and the WORLD know us also, that MALAYSIANS tu terdiri daripada: MALAY, CHINESE, INDIANS, BUMIs, SINGHS, dan lain-lain yang lahir di malaysia dan membantu dalam pembangunan malaysia kan?

MALAYSIANS does not equate to MALAYs only kan?

haiz... macam ni pun boleh jadi minister ka? gila....

whateva it is, i hope RAJA PETRA will open up more minds for the better.


djambu said...

yeah, i read his too. but when it comes to religious issues, it's hard to agree wit him...

axim said...

ingat senang kaa nak block internet...suka hati diorang ajer....bongek..