Saturday, September 27, 2008

Eid Fitri in my new home

while everyone was too bz packing their stuffs to go back to their respectives hometowns, i was packing too. but i wasn't packing to go back. i was packing to move out of the hostel.

and finally, on the 26th september 2008, i am cleared out of the hostel.

this was how i left my room. i came in with the room clean, therefore it is my responsibility to leave it in a clean state as well.

but because friday was a damn full day for me, i cleared my room, but i messed up the lounge area ("-_-).

these are the things that have accumulated for the past 1 year and 9 months. i can't figure out where did they all came from!!

as i said, i was really bz the whole day. i had my assesment, i had to do clearance, i had to go make payment for a new id, i had to be a translator, i had to move my things, i had to do so much, but i had so little time.

so finally, only late at night, that i managed to move all my things to the new house. i can't be arranging everything that night (morning actually) itself. so, i just slept in the rubble of stuffs that was waiting to be unpacked.

the next morning, i woke up and start my mission ASAP: unpacking and rearranging.

at first, i was just about to chuck everything everywhere i see possible and leave it as it is (because there were too many things and i didn't even know where to start). but as i slowly think to myself: i am making this place my HOME, i start the process, one at a time, and more systematically done.

this is my door, the letter "A" that i nabbed from home in KL and the lovely "tasbih" that i totally love looking at cause it looks so rustic and eyecatching.

remember the table that i fixed on my own? yeah, this is how it looks like now. it may be rather small for me. but it is enough to accomodate my studying (which almost never happens hehehehe).

my IKEA version of storage rack. i made this storage compartment myself by buying 2 racks and fixing a chrome bar in between them. creative no?

the curtain that ma bought for me from ikano. yes ma, it covers my window FULLY and i [heart] it very much. this morning, i was half awake, half asleep because i keep on wondering if someone will peep in through the window while i am sleeping. yes, i am paranoid. but now that i have the curtains up, i hope i'll have a good sleep tonight.

my security guard : RAKSASA API. i sleep with it all the time and now he will guard my room from any intruders. as you all know, we are going totally jap right? so, you can see that my sleeping mat is rolled up against the wall and the pillows are nicely stacked, keeping RAKSASA API company and busy.

so, there you go. while everyone is back home, i am here building a home.

i am sitting here, listening to RAYA songs and wishing that i am there with my family.....

it's ok REd, you'll be home with them soon.....

anyway, you likey my crib, no?

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