Monday, September 1, 2008

hontoni umaii!!

ikano was packed as usual due to the merdeka weekend. but as usual also, that is the main place that we usually run to when we want something quick to bite. we were all damn hungry and mama just arrived from singapore. although the crowd was close to drowning us, we were determined to try this new jap joint that yah came across the other day.
i used to see this place too. but the prob was, the previous place, also serving jap food was not halal. this time round, a new company has taken over and it is definitely halal.
as we entered, rather than having the usual scratching lucky cat, it had this really fat cat that symbolizes prosperity, and it kinda looked like TOTORO from studio ghibli :P
the premise also had won the certificate for being clean and graded A. this is something to be really proud of.
it is just a little corner of a shop. they have 2 sections: one section is done japanese style, and the other is done western style where you sit on chairs.
obviously we chose to sit at the japanese style dining area (-.~)
i really heart the wallpaper. wish i had this for my home in sp. as you all know, we are going for japanese style decor in the new place.
there are just too many things to choose from the menu. and when you are hungry, you feel like ordering every single thing off it!! thank God we are not gluttons. therefore we ordered a few items and we shared, so that we know the taste of most of the items on the menu.
the servings are rather large, mind. so, if you think you are not that hungry, do not order 2 entrees. you can order some sides as they have many choices for that.
our not-so-jap waiter. but he is good though because he got our orders correctly except that the last 2 sides we served later, that is after we reminded them.
so these are what we ordered. they are all uber delish!! feast your eyes. sorry i had to put this up during ramadhan. for those who has no will power, look away now. karang tak silap2, ada yang batal puasa lak heheheh.....
chawan mushi rm6.00

miso soup rm2.50

edamame rm6.00

agedashi toufu rm6.00

ika geso kagaage (deep-fried squid) rm9.00

ebi fried don rm15.00

soft shell crab rm14.00

seafood ramen rm18.00

ice-blended sour plum rm6.50

kimuchi ramen rm15.00

ICHIBAN RAMEN -japanese noodle restaurant-

level P1, ikano power centre.

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Cik Teh said...

malaysian r so lucky to hav reasonable price 4 jap in least rm150 sure melayang sekali makan..