Saturday, September 13, 2008

POP culture that i am trying to spread

we were CRAVING for it. what is IT, i hear you ask?


of course, we won't get the ones that are DEEP FRIED (read: artery clogging, fat producing), but yet, we want the taste and the crispiness (got such word arr?) of that piping-hot POPIAH.

so, what are we to do? what else?!? modify the original recipe to suit our very crazy but rather healthy need. here goes, my very own version of CRISPY POPIAH, baked, not fried :)

in the rice cooker, i put in sliced shallots, sliced garlic and i let the heat do its magic. i let them burn slightly and then, i add the shredded carrot as well as the cabbage. for seasoning, i put in some anchovy powder and salt to taste. then, to intensify the taste, i deglaze the cooker with some water, not too much to cover the dish, just to take in the taste of garlic and shallot.

after the filling was done, i placed it on a plate to let it cool before i wrap it with the plain popiah skin.

plain popiah skin: rm3.95 for 40 pieces (in TESCO la...)
while waiting for the filling to cool, i cooked another dish that was also a success despite the fact that i am fasting. SOTONG MASAK KICAP, it was delish!! but unfortunately, i didn't take any picture for that as my mind was too preoccupied with this popiah project. once the filling is cool enough, i wrap it with the popiah skin. to seal the skin so that it does not open while baking, i used some corn starch that is diluted with water into a paste-like consistency. i added some shredded squid balls to exchange for the shrimp that we were missing from our list of available things.
my little bundles of joy.
i baked it in the toaster oven for approximately 20mins, the heat was changed from full for 15mins to low for 5 mins. it may look a little pale, but trust me they came out CRISPY!!!

....and of course, HONTONI UMAII!!! ++very very very lowfat and healthy.

when i read their blog and i saw the mass-made popiah (this is from TAMAN TUN DR ISMAIL's ramadhan bazaar), i nearly had the shock of my life!! look at the price!! sky high!! please la, ONE measly popiah for RM1?? i think the popiah that i made was barely even 30cents per piece. and i bet, the popiah that they sell won't be so crispy when you bite into them while breaking fast as they made them since 1630hours maybe?
thank God i am CREATIVE (",)


axim said...

yeah...i know you are creative..hehe

Adzrul Ariff said...

I can eat satu je of these fried popiahs bila my uncle beli utk buka puasa.... and then bila tengok your entry of self-made popiahs I get a feeling as if I have sinned by eating the oily popiahs. :) dahpun officially at tu. :) Pindah randah ni sebab hijrah itu pengorbanan kan..eheh. And I get quite a good deal, nanti I'll blog about it soon.

And...NICE HOUSE! Betul-betul suka dgn japanese style tu. Simp;le tapi still ada that kind of elegance feel in it.

Anonymous said...

Popiah at TTDI... hmm... every year... the same people and the same queue...

the bazaar very near to my office... we can even see the long queue from my window... huhuhu... damn long!

you're talented!

**I never been in any Bazaar yet! :) Alhamdulillah... jimat!

redSeptember said...

i have been to 2 bazaars here in SP, one in taman ria and one in taman sejati. the most i spent foe each bazaar is rm2.

rm1- air soya sedas
rm1- masak rebus keladi

yang lain, macam takde hati lak. cause they all look the same.

but my current crave is apam kukus tu... huhuhu... kena cari jalan baru nak buat ni.

djambu puadovich said...

woah! drooling...