Wednesday, September 10, 2008

green with questions.

this is what i understand about vegetarianism: you can't eat meat, and you can't kill the living.

a number of my friends are vegetarians and it is always a hot debate between me and them regarding this matter. see, i always think that things happen for a reason. ok fine, so you want to become a vegetarian. non of my business right.

there are vegs (short for vegetarians) who are so blahdy strict, that they don't even take garlic. reason is that garlic is a natural antiseptic and it'll kill the normal fluora (bacteria) that lives inside our body. to the vegs, this is considered a sin. remember: you can't kill the living.

but i wonder yeah, when they are sick, they have to take antibiotics right? does this not KILL the microorganisms? why is this ok?

ok la, then the vegs will say, "owh, those are the bad living things, so it is ok to kill them".

so, if a chicken comes and shit in your porch, or quails excrete on your car, it is ok to kill them then? for the same reason that they are BAD?

then arr, one more thing: they can't kill living things right? but our bodies are built so that whatever bacteria that enters the blood (this happens EVERY SINGLE SECOND of the day), below the infectious dose (amount of bacteria that can cause pathological changes in the body), are eliminated (read: KILLed) by our own immune system. see, even unconsciously, we are killing living things.

then how la vegs? can help me with this question?

and also..... why do you have MOCK meats? like vegetarian FISH, MEAT, ANCHOVY, CHICKEN, MUTTON, PORK, SQUID, PRAWN? you said you are a VEGETARIAN, so, why do you still need the taste of meat, albeit it mock? why can't you just stick to the vegetables only??

kinda hypocrite don't you think?


purchase penny stock said...

its good to know about it? where did you get that information?

redSeptember said...


i always question my vegs friends and also, i asked the non-vegs about what do they know about the vegs.

and yeah, i am a medical student :P

djambu said...

many people believe in many strange/different things...