Thursday, October 2, 2008

day 2: first day of eid fitr 1429 hijrah

i bet you wonder what we did on the first day of raya.... PLENTY!! it was uber fun!!

playing dress-up in one of the shops in lucky plaza.

spotting ads that can never pass the Malaysian board of censorship.

looking at maids that are on holiday as well, making money even on their day off by doing pedicure and manicure by the walkways.

street vendors selling whatnots.

street entertainer smiling candidly when he noticed that i was snapping him silly.

shopping crazy at MUSTAFA (malaysian version of MYDIN but selling more quality stuffs at much much cheaper prices!!). it was so damn full, i was choking in the sea of people.

oh, GET A ROOM!!

my first ever MRT ride although i have been to singapore countless times.

i [heart] this hangout area that is owned my McCafe. Malaysia will NEVER have this :(

the SEA (more like tsunami) of people that were on holidays as well and all of them were shopping like mad!

so there goes... something new that we tried on hari raya as opposed to the usual thing that we always do year in and year out. it is good to try something different , eh?

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