Wednesday, October 15, 2008

dress c.o.d.e.

remember those episodes of my life where i get picked on constantly by Mr. Pelik and S/N batuapi, about the way i dress (eventhough i have tried my level best to dress most appropriately)?

so now, if you have read my entry on "when in Rome....", you'd realize that i have become more subtle and i tend to blend in. evidence that i have blend in well was when one of the bigshots of the Merbok district can't even pick me out from a crowd of people!! usually, they can do that in a blink of an eye. finally!!

so yesterday, we headed to campus straight from hospital as we had a long hospital session and there was no time to head back home and change or freshen up. i was still in my hospital wear i.e. semi-professional as i entered the classroom. some of my mates had the liberty to go back and change first. therefore, some of them came with casual clothes i.e. pedalpusher jeans, baby T, t-shirts, no tie etc....

the doc that took us was a local gentleman. naturally, one would think that he wouldn't mind much about how we dress so long that we attended the lectures. i mean, he was careless about it before, so what will make him tick if someone come dressed not according to the dresscode, eh?

we were in shock.

She came in looking like she just got back from shopping in the pasar malam, very very casual. doc VM signalled for her to go to him, he said something and she made the move to leave the room. and suddenly, he burst out! he was going on and on about the way a medic student is supposed to dress. he chased out those that were already in their Ts and jeans, those that didn't have their ties on, those that were wearing too tight for comfort.

everyone was just quiet when he started the lecture with how to dress appropriately and he said that we are not to even show our faces in the campus or hospital if we can't make an effort to dress properly.

as for me, the first words that came out of my mouth once he was done were: "for once, it is not me! thank God!"


axim said...

i like this entri!!

this is a very important thing yet so many people just ignore about it..

redSeptember said...

thanks axim. :)