Tuesday, October 28, 2008


today, we went to the satok day market with hope to find the sago worms which is the larvae of the capricorn beetle. why am i looking for them? heheheh you wouldn't guess it!! :P

i want to try them as part of my culinary experience!! why else? yeah, i know i am crazy. but i beg to differ, i am more like, ADVENTUROUS.

anyway, there weren't any that were sold there today. we asked around and sad to say, they could only be found during the weekends.

so, what else to do? look for photo ops la. thank God the sceneries were something to look out for. and of course, we were worse than jakuns when we say the super duper fresh produce.

and also the prices of the produce, they are selling cheap!! but of course not all of the things there are cheap la, MOST of them. especially the produce that are taken from the jungles that are very abundant here.

we also found the famous ikan terubuk masin. i remembered eating this when i was younger. it was very delicious then. they ferment the fish with tonnes of salt, and to cook it, you'd have to wash off the salt and soak it in water for a while, then deep fry it or cook it with coconut milk. haiyaa... meleleh air liur, i tell you :P

then we walked some more after shopping for produce in the day market. mama wanted to try the must have MEE KOLOK. it looked to me like how'd they serve dried wantan mee. i didn't try it as i was still very full from breakfast. so, i looked around and something really caught my eyes....

....AIR ULAR?? what in God's name is that???!!?

mama asked the waitress what is the ingreds of that particular drink. is it really snake immersed in water and the essence is made into a drink or what. and the answer was, the drink is made using the powder that is extracted from drying a whole snake. like yewwwww.....Xp no. i am not gonna try that (actually i want, but i can't cause of my religion kan.)

so, tomorrow we moving nearer to the gunung santubong area. hopefully, i'll get hold of some of the sago worms. now, that'd be something really cool to blog about, eh?


djambu puadovich said...

damn...air ular is even cheaper than 100 plus! mesti sgt berkhasiat dan lebih isotonik :D

Zazalicious said...

should have logged in and pesan you to buy the ikan terubuk masin for me lah ....haiyah!!so terliur now..how?wat if my baby's air liur meleleh?ha ha ha ha...anyway, HAPPY DEEPAVALI, girl!

afizah said...

huaaaaaaaaaaa... air ular?? hmm... definitely a big no no for me.. i am suffering of snake phobia.

redSeptember said...

djambu: tu la 100+ original. jgn tak tau. yang jual kat kedai tu dah terlalu comercialised ni. bukan isotonic tu, tonic ma'jun pun ye juga :P

za: haiya babe. you'd better keep in touch cause insya'Allah in december mum's going again, leh pesan kat dia.

afizah: takut ular? haiyaa.... tak amazing race betul la.. hehehe