Wednesday, October 29, 2008

tak semenggah, tapi SEMENGGOH

the last i came here, i think about 10years back, i don't remember the place being like this. it was more fun and if i am not mistaken, we can actually play with the orang utans. now that the place is already very commercialised and tagged as one of the tourists attractions, it has become different than the last that i experienced.

i was hoping very much that i could play with the orang utan. while we were in the car, on the way to the sanctuary, the guide was telling us that there are already about 25 orang utans in the sanctuary as compared to the initial number of just 11. i was really excited, more orang utans to play with.

as we arrived, the reserve was somehow under construction, some parts of it. i was like: "sayangnya they kacau the natural set up of the place lidis..." but no time to think about it, my mind was racing with the anticipation to play with the orang utans and feed it as we came at the feeding time.

we arrived about 20mins before the feeding time. so, we walked around and had a looksee of the newly furbished reserve. now, they even have a board that has the pictures of the orang utans. to me, they all look the same, but to those in the know, they are unique, each and every one of them. there is also a board that posts the D.O.Bs of the orang utans. the eldest there is 38 years old!! at 38, SEDUKU has already have a litter of grandchildren, sugoi!! and the youngest is turning 2 this december 2008.

the feeding time has finally come. i was already very ecstastic. we were briefed, were told to keep any food items safely in our beags or to leave them at the briefing station, to be very quiet, and to stay calm at all times (sounds like we were about to go through a landmine area!).

and then we waited......

....sekali tengok, SEEKOR aja menatang tu yang datang. tunggu sampai 40mins, takde pun yang lain nak turun,hampeh (-_-").

last2 yang paling banyak datang melantak makanan yang diberi tu are the squirrels. ni bukan orang utan watching, ni squirrel watching!! kalau setakat squirrel tu, kat garden umah aku ada banyak, selalu mencuri my sweet round peppers.



afizah said...

hehee... semua malu kot..

redSeptember said...

bukan malu. mengada ada la. pas kami ciao tu, datang lak the dominant male ngan gundiks dia. poyo sial!