Friday, October 3, 2008

"oii MUSTAFA, where are my FORK & SPOON?"

as i said before, MUSTAFA is the singaporean version of MYDIN. but the other feature that it has as compared to MYDIN is that, it also have an eatery that serves HALAL north indian food. talk about an all rounder!!

plain naan that is VERY nice indeed!
north indian dhal. not quite like the ones that i am used to. me no likey.

beryani dham that comes with hidden pieces of chicken in the mountain of rice. you can also opt for the one with lamb shanks.

chicken tikka masala. gawsh it tastes so nice. it would have been nicer if they were to provide a slice of lime to squeeze over this.

and then, there was the FORK & SPOON foodcourt situated in the building that is connected to the hospital that is near NOVENA MRT (i have no idea what is the name of the building :P).

as i wasn't hungry, i didn't have anything but i enjoyed looking at people savouring their meals. the were tonnes of choices and most of the stalls are serving halal meals. the court itself was really clean and well-maintained. the view from where we sat was really eye catching.

the chilli and thick sauce dips for the yong tau foo.

the yong tau foo comes with choices of clear soup, tomyam soup, or curry. you can even add a variety of noodles or rice if you want to.

the choices were ABUNDANT!! you can go crazy!!

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