Friday, October 24, 2008

Recommended: Pen Torch

looking for a good pentorch for your clinical rounds? look no further.

i recommend you this.

see, the ones that are sold in malaysia (spirit and energizer) are the only ones that you can get in the market. i have been trying to look for a good pentorch that emits white light instead of the yellow light.

see, sometimes you need a proper white light to demonstrate the presence of jaundice or the presence of anemia in a patient. usually this is done under adequate light (sunlight). but some problems may arise when the patient totally wants to be screened completely. hence you'll end up examining the patient in dinm lighting.

and most of the time, the spirit and energizer torches have such dim lighting, i can end up with a squint!!

thank God i found this.....

the light is bright enough and it gives off white light instead of the eyesore yellow light....

i can get it for rm27. with addition of rm5 for local post, rm7 for sabah and sarawak, rm9 for international.

please order in bulk of minimum 10 torches. because i have to travel to get it. not sold in malaysia.


afizah said...

m wondering.. how can u use the pentorch to test the presence of anaemia in a patient?

redSeptember said...

when you look inside of the lower eyelids to check for anemia without adequate lighting, it is rather hard to asses yeah?

and when you use yellow light, you can't really see.

so, the pentorch is just for lighting purposes

afizah said...

arr.. tq for the info! btw, im anaemic actually..

redSeptember said...

really? you poor thing. are you on meds? take care yeah

Anonymous said...

I m intersted with the pen torch, can u get it or me?? Thanks!!

this is my e-mail: