Thursday, October 9, 2008


dah mmg macam haram dah keadaan Arancione ni. mmg dah nak kena tukar.hari tu balik, tak sempat nak shoe shop for a new one. aku nyer running event dah nak dekat. so, to solve the prob sementara waktu, aku beli duct tape and taped the soles back so that tak tercabut habis.

talk about a well-worn pair of shoes.

i saw some potential ones that i want. the one that mama showed me from Adidas in VivoCity was something that i would like. aku tak nak main beli sebab cantik, i want to get one that i can use for a long time, like my Arancione here.

hopefully balik ni i can go get a new pair already.

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