Monday, October 27, 2008

in the A-Yer

i have always been curious on how the low cost carrier system works. like sometimes, i see they advertise the tickets starting from rm0, like WTH?? if it was rm0 in the first place, why not just give the tickets out for free right? then it hit me, it did say "STARTING" from rm0, it didn't say ending at rm what right? so it could wvwn go up to rm gazillion and we wouldn't know unless we ask, eh?

to put all our curiosity at rest, we decided to take a ride on the Air Asia carrier, which i am sure is the first low cost carrier that is available in Malaysia. from what i heard, it is a no fuss carrier which means everyone travels in the same class, you don't have to eat what they serve on air, if you are hungry, go buy on your own. there were also rumours that the price is sky high (of course la weii, you are in the air what?!?), but when we checked it out, it is rather feasible la cause judging that you can't make a pitstop anyway in the sky, whatever they serve you should cost that much. as much as rm5 for a pop of 250ml box of juice. of course, we didn't buy any, we brought it all from ground level, smart!!

this was our carrier. i like the REDness of it all. very the sesuai with me, no?

the mad dash: since you are not assigned to any seats prior, then you'll have to make a dash to get good seats. but it does not make any difference though because the seats are all of the same size only. but try not to seat near the emergency exit as we have been warned by the air hostess that the seats can't recline, so sweet of her. since our flight was not full, we could have had the whole row to ourselves, so no worries. we were practically seat hopping.

getting used to the seats: although it is a low cost carrier, the size of the seats are the same as the economy seats on the Austrian Air. so what difference, eh?

the whole carrier has no division of first class, business, or economy. you pay the same, you seat the same. word of caution, try to sit as far away from families with children. all throughout the flight, nana and i were contemplating the ways of how to rid the children on board. i even felt like chucking those screaming kids out the emergency shaft!!
all in all, the staffs were very pleasant, from ground level up to the ones in the air. they are very accomodating and friendly as well. the flight was rather bumpy, not because of the pilot but because of the clouds that were traversing the skies. the landing however was made smoothly by the skillfull handling of the pilots.
Air Asia, kira ok la tu.... 4/5 maybe??


djambu puadovich said...

ok la, except for d iklan nasi lemak dlm menu. dlm menu punya la lawa nasi lemak pak nasir ada telur rebus, ayam pastu balut daun pisang.

sekali beli....dapat dlm tin foil jek. telur rebus pun xdak!

xtau nk tempeleng sape. pak nasir ke pilot ke air hostess ke freddie fernandez. haha [dun wori, ini ialah melawak je. jgn ada cucu cicit pak nasir dtg cari aku plak]

redSeptember said...

a ah, mmg ye pun. saper la pak nasser tu kan? adakah ia brand name? atau adakah ia seorang yang bebetul wujud? macam haji samuri tu le...

tempeleng caterer yang kaki pembo-ong tu le... sape lagi kan :P and then tempeleng diri sendiri sebab tak bawa bekal. pastu repeat dalam hati: "padan muka kawan"