Sunday, October 5, 2008

too soon....

don't get me wrong, i LOVE school. but the thing is, i HATE the mentality of most of the people there. they are too shallow and like always, they go against their own opinions.

and it has been such a long hiatus since we last had a long holiday. thank God it is Eid Fitr. i took the liberty to take my OWN week off. i mean, we were given 5 days, so naturally, i added 2 more days to make the week (i follow the rounding-up system that the government has imply in cash payments. see, i "follow" them).

so, there goes, i am going back there tomorrow night. and as i arrive, i am to go for my bedside assessment in the paeds ward, which mind you, i have no idea of how to handle because i have no references!!! i am however, gonna try and learn things from the net and see the vids on how to do the physical examintions. hopefully, i can pull through.

can't wait for the midterm. i wanna go for a trip to THAILAND that is organized by the lecturer. i have to go get the info and present it to my ma and convince her that it is safe to go. i mean, would a lecturer want to jeopardize his career by taking students to trips that are unsafe, i don't think so. i am pretty sure that he has done his research prior, and bonus point is, he is an avid traveller and he has trotted the globe many times. i have my confidence in him.

yesterday, i received and SMS from saras about today's posting. what the eff? didn't you remember that i told you i am not gonna be back till tuesday morn? haiz... no need for the reminder of the hell-hole there.

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