Wednesday, October 8, 2008

water is thicker than blood

have you heard of the saying "blood is always thicker than water"? i am pretty sure you have. this denotes that no matter what, family ties are much more stronger than any ties of any other relationships. yes, i do agree. well, at least i know that my family is the most important thing to me.

it is sad that i used to be the opposite of what i believe now. i used to think that my friends are everything to me. they are my world. those were the days. yea, i have friends who are there for me when i smile and when i cry. when i am in trouble, they are there too, some of them do offer help, but it is not enough to solve the whole matter. at last, the people that i turn to are my family.

i thought that my family were always against me. now i realized that they are aiming for the best that is for me and the best that is in me. i used to defend my friendship over my family, yeah, i know, stupid right. i am not saying that i don't have good friends, i do. they have been with me more than 10years now. but they are not always there. they have their own lives too. but my family, is there.... all the time.

it seems now, what i see is that people believe that friends are more important than family. they will do anything under the sun for friends, but not for family. eventhough they only got to know each other less than a year, but in order to be in the good book of the friend, they'd go the whole nine yards. i mean, come on la.... if they were true friends, they would accept you for who you are and not for what you have done for them right?

sometimes i just wonder, what makes your friends so special? or is it that you know that you could loose them somehow along the way, that you are afraid, and hence, you'd sacrifice whatever to keep them? seriously, that is pathetic.

don't take family for granted just because they are always there for you, no matter how bad or how good you are. appreciate, and you'll be appreciated as well. what you give, you get back.

it is not that i don't love my friends, there are those speacial ones that i love to bits. but the love i have for my blood, cannot be compared.... ever.

for me, blood is always thicker than water.....always

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afizah said...

m agree w u!! fam is my everything!